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If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you googled the name Veiko Huuse and you want to know if he’s worth your time. You are still unsure whether to do business with him or not. Let me make it very easy for you.

My name is Veiko Huuse and I will tell you how things really are.
I am a man who acts in an open manner. I do not conceal and I always take responsibility for my actions. Over the past years, I have been coaching in different countries, mostly in Asia. These activities have also been featured on social media. I have been an active businessman since 1991. Since the beginning, the media and other organizations have been interested in my activities. The ventures I have undertaken are to make my own life more fulfilling. While coaching, I share my own experiences so that others could also improve their lives. I, too, have made mistakes in my life and have learned from them.

However, some people and companies don’t understand what I’m doing and some people are just jealous and mean. Most people who give negative comments or spread negative information about me do not personally know me, have not met me, have not done business with me, or do it for some other reason (envy, revenge, competition, etc.). People who have met me know, and I always warn beforehand, that I am brutally honest and frank. I always express my opinion. I’m not holding back. I continually work towards the results. I have been approved by and I do business with the most successful people in the world. I have been invited to speak at major seminars and conferences around the world.

People who have met me or do business with me have never told me that I am arrogant, or uneasy, neither have I disappointed them. No matter what you do, there are always people who don’t like what you do. Many of these negative reviews come from people who have not met me in my life, have not communicated with me, haven’t bought anything from me, are not successful in their businesses, and aren’t top speakers and coaches.

The problem with negative people is that they have problems with every offered solution. Happy people don’t have time to leave comments, while unsuccessful people spend more time writing negative comments than developing their companies. Unsuccessful people focus on the wrong things.

Similarly, I have seen many fabricated comments and fake news from competitors who are upset by the fact that my businesses have become global and also that I have started coaching people.

How do you know that overviews and reviews in other media channels are even real?

Note that reviews are not written by people who have bought something from me, but by those who did not. Note that people who write bad reviews are not more successful than others. Remember that whoever tries to downgrade you are lower than you. “The more you practice in life and the more mistakes you make, the
wiser you become”

In addition to providing life training, Veiko Huuse is also actively engaged in the following business activities:
Veiko Huuse and Golden Stevia sweetener
CEO of Golden Stevia Ltd. Golden Stevia is made with Stevia extract, which is cleaned from Stevia Rebaudiana Berton plant leaves and approved by the FDA. The best sweetener for diabetes. Golden Stevia is a registered trademark. Under this trademark, the very clean and high-quality vegetable sugar, which is beneficial for health, is produced and marketed under the patented technology. Golden Stevia is a natural sugar that does not give calories and improves your quality of life. Golden Stevia enriches your daily diet and can be used in any food instead of white sugar. Golden Stevia is made from ecologically pure Stevia leaves. Differently from other similar products, leaves of Golden Stevia are picked and sorted manually. After carefully picking leaves on the plantation, they are spray-dried and then put into production. This ensures the high quality of our product.

Veiko Huuse and a Vaba Eesti Alliance
I, the Creator Veiko Huuse, announce the formation of an Estonian commune that is sovereign, self-sufficient, and values the people and nature of this land.

Such a way of life is to be based upon the honoring of all life, transparency in all societal processes, and constructive cooperation. This will require recovering one’s energies from old, declining systems and redirecting them toward a new, values-based social organization. A new social order can become more fully realized when technological advances no longer come at the expense of nature and others, instead of developing in harmony with all life.

The pillars of this new society are freedom, dignity, and responsibility. A free person is aware that he/she is creative energy in material form. A free person abides by the rules of conscience and empathy and has developed a keen ability to see through falsehoods and untruths. A free person has taken full responsibility for his/her life and declines to lay blame for any misfortune at the feet of others.

I, Veiko Huuse, call on all people of conscience and free spirit to join the Vaba Eesti Alliance. The sovereign people of the Vaba Eesti Alliance collaborate with alliances,
communities, and people of other nations without betraying the interests and values of Estonia.

Veiko Huuse and a Fonte.News
CEO/Founder of Fonte.News.
Fonte.News is a new media outlet founded in cooperation with like-minded visionaries the world over. Our mission is to provide a vision for a future society in which the human being and the environment surrounding us are valued above all else. Maintaining one’s peace of mind amid whatever turbulence may spring forth is the only way to overcome the chaos that is engulfing the world.

The human being is the embodiment of a universal creative force and we have the opportunity to make a new and higher social order a reality. Our name is derived from the Latin word for fountain, fons, of which fonte is the dative case. From one fountain, fons, to another, fonte, we seek to provide the tools necessary to build a new world. We advance information and news straight from the source, putting ideas into practice with the aim of creating a new life in harmony with the environment and other like-minded people. We reflect our inner light, warmth, goodness, and love into the world.

Only the following social media channels are Veiko Huuse’s official channels: Veiko Huuse has no social media channel accounts on Meta (Facebook), Instagram, LikedIn, … (All the other channels with the name of Veiko Huuse are not official and have been created by someone else and without the knowledge of Veiko Huuse.)

Official Website: